Successfully Using Organic Fertilizer In Your Garden


Having the ability to grow your own vegetables in a backyard garden can be a great way to supplement your diet with healthy produce. In order to ensure that your vegetable garden flourishes, you need to invest time and care in cultivating the soil within your garden. Adding fertilizers can be a simple way to improve soil quality, but using organic fertilizers can be tricky.

Here are three tips that you can use to increase the success of your organic fertilizer applications when planting your own vegetable garden in the future.

1. Start out small.

One of the most important things you can do when fertilizing your garden starts out with a small amount of fertilizer. You don't want to add too much fertilizer to your garden's soil, as this could actually hinder plant growth.

Excess nutrients that are not utilized by your plants can also get carried off into streams and lakes by rainfall, compromising the health of the environment. Use a minimal amount of organic fertilizer, then slowly add more until you achieve your desired results.

2. Determine the right formula.

Organic fertilizers come in many different varieties. Each of these fertilizer products has a different formula with a different mix of major nutrients. In order to ensure that the fertilizer you apply to your garden is effective, you need to use an organic product with the right formula.

If you are trying to grow lettuce, collard greens, or other leafy veggies, use a fertilizer that is high in nitrogen, as this nutrient promotes upward growth. If you are trying to harvest tomatoes, cucumbers, or other flowering vegetable varieties, use a fertilizer with a high phosphorus content. Phosphorus will promote flowering and help you increase your garden's yield.

3. Use the right application technique.

If you want your organic fertilizer to perform properly, then you need to use the right application technique when adding the fertilizer to your garden. If you will be using a liquid fertilizer, be sure to dilute the product with water according to the manufacturer's directions so that you don't burn your plants.

Dry fertilizer can be incorporated into the soil prior to planting or it can be sprinkled around the plant itself to promote proper growth. Using the right application technique is essential when it comes to harvesting all of the benefits an organic fertilizer can provide.

Being able to successfully use organic fertilizer products will help you enjoy a healthier and more productive backyard vegetable garden in the future. To learn more, contact a company like Nature Safe. 


7 January 2018

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