Custom Woodworking For The Bedroom


Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It is the one place in your house that is completely your own. But sometimes bedrooms seem a little bare; they do not truly fit your needs. Consider adding custom woodworking and built-in cabinets to fulfill your desires and make your bedroom complete. Here are some ideas:

For the Bookworm

Many people love to read a good book in bed before they call it a night. A nightstand is good, but you can't really store a lot of books on or in it. Instead have a carpenter add bookshelves to an unused wall. The wall leading to the master bathroom is a great choice. The bookshelves can go on either side of the door, and you could even add a couple of shelves above the door frame if you have a ladder.

Many carpenters create custom floating shelves installed directly on your wall. You can choose which type of wood, such as oak or cherry. Intricate scrolling, or a design on the face of the shelf, will create a look that matches your personality.

For the Shoe Aficionado

If you collect shoes, you know that it is hard to find a way to store them. You know that you don't want to try and squeeze your shoes in the canvas shoe holders that go over the back of a door. It is not attractive, it does not showcase your shoes, and it squishes them so they don't fit right.

The best way is to get a floor to ceiling shoe shelf. You can have a compartment for every pair of your shoes. A custom shelf also means that you can have some compartments made larger for your different boots.

Make sure that you have the shoe shelves painted white to reflect the light into the cubbies so you can more easily see each pair of shoes.

The Extra Space

Is your bedroom larger than you need and you don't know what to do with the extra space? That far corner of your room is like the dark space of a horror movie, foreboding and unknowable. Have your custom woodworker turn that space into a mini kitchen or a personal office.

First, consider adding a bedroom breakfast spot. Get some floor cabinets with a counter installed. Put the mini-fridge inside half of the cabinet. Add an espresso machine so that you can easily have breakfast in bed.

Another option is to use that space as a mini office. Build in a desk so that you don't waste any space, and add some cabinets above the desk. You can easily do your work at your computer in your bedroom and then go to bed when you are ready.  

For more information, contact a local custom woodwork company like Warburton Woodworks Ltd


25 March 2015

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